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Michael J Tyler


Proposing innovative win-win techniques that aim to proactively resolve challenges. Michael possesses expertise in multiple academic disciplines, including Marine Biology, Media, and Law, having obtained a Juris Doctor degree. Furthermore, he has developed specialised knowledge in the fields of cyber security and migration law, which he is expected to complete in 2023. Michael has comprehensively addressed several aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and endeavours to achieve outcomes that are not only mutually beneficial but also innovative.

My Experience

I have obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology with honours, and my research focuses on investigating the ecological aspects of feeding behaviour in stingrays.
I have successfully acquired a Juris Doctor degree, as well as Graduate Diplomas in Legal Practise and Australian Migration Law and Practise, in order to fulfil my legal education. I possess a fervent inclination and profound comprehension of the field of cyber security and forensics and currently I am completing a Master of Cyber Security and Forensics. I pursued a course of study in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the University of Southern Queensland.

Bsc (honours) JCU
Juris Doctor UniSQ
Master of Cyber Security and Forensics USC (current)
Grad Dip Legal Prac Melb
Grad Dip ADR UniSQ
Grad Dip Aust Migration Law & Prac ACU
Grad Cert Cybersecurity UOW